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Bigger  Residence  Cold Spring Harbor, N.Y.


This 1930s Long Island estate was built in a French Norman style. The architectural details includes a round masonry stair turret, bracketed roof eaves, a dovecote  carved wooden lintels. The exterior includes various combinations of Oak timber frame with patterned brick infill, coursed rubble Granite and Limestone facades; a Ludovicci tile roof and copper cupolas and details.


The project included restoring exterior materials. Masonry was removed so that the copper flashing behind could be replaced and the masonry restored in the original patterns. Rotted 6x8 solid Oak timbers were replaced with the same pegged & lapped joinery. Timber brackets were replaced with the original notched seats.


Interior work included restoring the natural wood-work and plaster. The plumbing, heating and electrical systems were entirely replaced.  The original pantry and linen cabinets were restored.

The bathrooms and kitchen were remodeled.

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