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Mies van der Rohe said "God is in the details".

I believe that to be true. With a background in 

carpentry and woodworking I pay particular

attention to the finish details. I believe it is the 

crafted details that make a project unique and personalized for its owners.

Nichol Bay_edited.jpg


Custom mutin bars in the bay cascade down the building's facade becoming thinner as it drops through three stories. 



The custom mantel includes hand made tiles  inlaid  in the  panels

below the mantel shelf. The mantel

is designed  to display the center

plate and matching urns as well.




Porch railing detail:

The client wanted a railing that would provide privacy from the street. The cut-out panels are made from laminated mahogany planks.The design is an abstracted floral motif typical for the Arts & Crafts period of the home. 

When I suggested using a paving pattern to embellish the courtyrad the owner, a Canadian

requested a Fleur-de-lis. The pattern is make of bluestone and blue/grey brick pavers. 

The new railing on the left leads to a mudroom in the rear of the house. The design is inspired by the more formal  stair assembly in the entry hall pictured below.  The cut-outs are a playfull interpretation of the original balusters while the newel includes an incised design from the intermediate newels of the formal stair. 


A new eyebrow dormer provides natural light for the master bathroom in an attic remodeling in Cambridge, Ma.  more about you.

We wanted an railing system that provided privacy fot the

sleeping loft. I suggested the

homeowner, a graphic designer and print maker, design cut panels to be inserted in a railing system.

To be economical, it needed to be a repetative pattern that the contractor could easily cut from a template. 

Blanco back stair.jpeg

IThe stair railing assembly in the backstairs used glass to avoid obstructing the view of the large picture window behind. The wood newel posts and handrailing maintain the warmth of a traditional stair while using metal and glass components.  

Blanco stair detail .jpeg
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