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Let's start with the first question that usually comes up, what does entasis mean?


Entasis: "The very slight convex curve used on Greek and later columns to correct the optical illusion of concavity which would result if the sides were striaght"

               Penguin dictionary of architecture


The architects of ancient Greece recognized that if columns were perfectly straight, when you stood at the foot of a columnade (a row

of columns) they would appear to be tipping over. A columnade of tapered columns (with entasis) appears vertical and stable.


The firm is named "Entasis" becuse the concept epitomizes what an architect's perception brings to the built environment.


Who is ENTASIS Architects PC?

It is the architectural practice of Jay C. Walter.

The Boston Scoiety of Architects directory describes the firm:

"Jay is a sole proprietor whose practice consists primarily of additons and alterations to older homes. With a background in carpentry and woodworking Jay combines a concern with detailing and an ability to work with owners and contractors to design seamless additons and alterations to exisitng residential structures."

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