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Architectural Design
Historic Preservation
Sustainable Design


While ENTASIS has completed a number of small commercial, restaurant and church projects, the practice is basically

a residential design firm specializing in remodeling and additions to older homes. The firm has an extensive  resume of projects that deal with the design, aging and efficiency of older homes in New England.


Entasis is dedicated to making our aging housing stock work for today's homeowners. Families in the 21st century  use their homes much differently than did earlier generations. Jay specializes in 

adopting older homes for the way we live today to meet the needs of the occupants,

be it space for small children to play, teenagers to gather or adults to age in place. Jay can help make a house meet your family's needs. 

As an architect Jay feels a strong responsibility to make our built environment as sustainable as possible. Remodeling existing houses to make them more energy efficient and durable is an important part of moving our older communities toward sustainability.


Additons and remodeling often provide

an opportunity to improve a home's overall energy performance.  An important part of the firm's services is to offer homeowners strategies to reduce their home's energy usage.


 Jay is on the Advisory Board of Green Newton, past director of community outreach for Newton's  residential solar programs and a member The HPBC (High Performance Building Coalition) working with the city government to make all municipal buildings and services more 

energy efficient. 





Practicing in Newton, a city rich in architectural styles, Jay has dealt with homes from a wide variety of building types, periods and  materials. As a member of the Joint Board of Historic Newton, Trustee of the Jackson Homestead, Commissioner on the Upper Falls Historic District Commision and Chair of the Newton House Tour Jay is an integral part of the city's preservation community. The firm's work reflects Jay's deep commitment to historic preservation. 


That being said few projects are strictly preservation or restoration. Most projects include additions  or remodeling . In these projects the commitment to preservation is reflected in a design approach that respects and enhances the charachter of the original architectural  style through  careful scaling and detailing.

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