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Forte Residence   Centre Island, N.Y. 

This stucco building was part of the original estate

that included most of Centre Island in Oyster Bay,

Long Island. It was a very elegant stable for a gentlemen's horses. The project converted the building into a residence for a middle aged single woman. A detached three bay garage was added to create a courtyard at the front entry and an outdoor 'room' from which you enter the house. Immediately opposite the entry, the Living room offers views

of Long Island Sound.


The stair wraps around the entry vestibule while the

stairwell mimics the shape of the roof lantern immediately above it. The windows in the lantern allows natural light to penetrate both floors of the house from above. In the original barn the lantern structure served as a ventilator for the hey loft. The new windows replace dark wooden louvers.


The master bedroom is located where the original stalls once stood. The windows for each stall serve the bedroom very well by providing both light and privacy.

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