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Gage Residence Newton Centre, Massachusetts

The house, built in 1899 by William O. Cutter, is a Victorian design with timbered gables and stucco exterior. It is one of the oldest houses on Commonwealth Ave. in Newton. In the 1920s the house was purchased by the owner of the Boston Braves, the predecessors of the Red Sox.


The additions are located entirely in the rear to minimize the impact of the new construction on the street. The garage doors face the rear. The addition roofs cascade down from the original building continuing the dropped gables in the rear of the main house and visually reducing the mass of the new construction.The exterior of the addition is carefully detailed to seamlessly extend the original.   The new roof eaves duplicate the rhythm of the original rafter tails. The first floor wood shingle siding of the original continues around the one story addition while the timbered stucco at the second floor of the main house is  repeated in the gable ends of the addition.


This project won a Newton Preservation Award in 2010.

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