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Glascott Residence   Weston, Conn.

The property includes a 1950's "Garrison" house with a 1970's addition that includes a garage with two bedrooms above. The program called for connecting the bedrooms over the garage to the rest of the second floor, building a secondary entry for everyday use and a formal entry to the living and dining rooms for entertaining. The program afforded an opportunity to rework the street facade to unify the existing disparate parts.


The new facade includes a canopy roof between the first and second floor that connects the two parts of the house facade and visually buries the second floor cantilever typical of the Garrison style of the original house. The second floor windows of the main house were replaced with units of similar proportion to the windows of the garage addition to present an elevation that appears uniform and complete.


On the interior the new corridor that links second floors is flooded with light from clerestory windows immediately above a new back stair. 

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